Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Testing Enterprise Applications with Selenium and HTML5 Robot Targeting Ext JS and Sencha Touch

The need for browser-based test automation is hard to ignore. Enterprises are slimming down IT staff, yet these companies still need to know that the latest round of software upgrades didn’t break their business critical web-based application in Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox version 19. Having a staff of human beings manually make these determinations is time consuming, error prone, costly, and ultimately unnecessary.

Many of these companies use Selenium, which has become the enterprise standard for test automation because of its ease of use and widespread adoption, but its vision of static DOM and form-based web applications is outdated. Modern web application frameworks like Ext JS and Sencha Touch dynamically alter the DOM as the user interacts with the application, which creates headaches for Selenium.

HTML5 Robot was created to ease the difficulty in using Selenium with HTML5 technologies. HTML5 Robot extends Selenium capabilities by adding specific component lookup and interaction support for HTML5 frameworks like Ext JS 4, Ext JS 5, and Sencha Touch 2. It is also based on a series of best practices for how to reliably lookup and interact with those components in enterprise web applications. HTML5 Robot can be used as a Java framework for writing and managing test suites, or as a Java library that can be included in your own existing project.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Configuring a Sencha Dev Environment Targeting Android on Windows

The following explains the details for configuring a development or continuous integration environment that is capable of building Android applications, using Sencha on a Windows machine. It walks you through the tools you need, the tools that can make your life easier, and how to install them. It also provides to links to more information such as where to download these various tools.

Overview of Tools
  • Node
  • Cordova
  • Java Development Kit
  • Sencha Command
  • Ruby
  • Compass
  • Ant
  • Gradle *
  • Android Toolkit
  • HAXM *
  • Eclipse
* = Optional